IoTics Corporation is one of the leading provider of market insights for the Internet of Things (IoT). More than 10,000 IoT decision makers now rely on our data-driven market research every month. Our products and services portfolio includes free insights on IoT markets and companies, focused market reports on specific IoT segments and Go-to-Market services for emerging IoT companies.

About Us

IoTics Corporation is a leading IoT market research / industry analyst firm, focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). Our aim is to bring you the best and latest market insights around the IoT ecosystem so that you can better understand IoT markets.

While we monitor the general technology business environment and general trends around digital transformation, most of our work is focused on the analysis of IoT markets and IoT companies.

We track IoT market segments, IoT companies, their business cases, market share, M&A activity, and we provide custom IoT market research. Check out the “IoT segments” tab to take a deeper look at the current focus areas of our IoT market research.

Why is the Internet of Things important?

You might be surprised to learn how many things are connected to the Internet, and how much economic benefit we can derive from analyzing the resulting data streams. Here are some examples of the impact the IoT has on industries:

Intelligent transport solutions speed up traffic flows, reduce fuel consumption, prioritize vehicle repair schedules and save lives. Smart electric grids more efficiently connect renewable resources, improve system reliability and charge customers based on smaller usage increments.

IoTics Corporation is a provider of Mangaed M2M and IoT connectivity solutions

We employ algorithms to mine the web for relevant data and tap sources such as search engines, social media, and app stores for relevant information. This helps us generate additional data points that other IoT market research companies do not provide.